How WooliesX leverages the ‘agile’ way of working

The world we live in continues to drive the need for frictionless shopping; customers are looking for faster services, more seamless experiences, and better value. These customer needs are at the core of every decision. 

Our agile way of working trades hierarchy for horizontal structures. It means empowered teams can make business decisions and deliver value to customers faster. After all, speed to market is critical. 

An agile mindset involves embracing change, taking collaborative ownership and being willing to experiment, learn and adapt. We achieve this through our 3 C’s: collaboration, co-creation and connection to create even better experiences for our customers. 

In agile, each team member is part of a home base, known as their chapter. A chapter is organised by expertise and is encouraged to develop through weekly ‘chapter time'. Chapter time is a scheduled break from daily projects to develop skill sets and share learnings with team members. 

Chapters with similar expertise will form a practice. Practices work to evolve and execute a strategy in order to adapt, grow and build business capabilities. Ultimately, practices across the Woolworths Group collaborate to create connected customer experiences. 

Meet the team

We build a better tomorrow for our team by demonstrating our care, creating a better place for them to work and fostering bright futures.

“The team is full of very talented and really motivated people. It's been a really great experience, I got to learn quite a lot” 

Simone, Data Scientist at WooliesX