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“The best thing about my role is we're a tight knit team that's always committed to learning and always up for a challenge”

— Jacquiline, Lead Data Scientist at WooliesX


Meet our leaders

Amanda Bardwell head shot

Amanda Bardwell

Managing Director

Faye Ilham head shot

Faye Ilhan

Managing Director - ConnectedX

Annette Karantoni head shot

Sally Copeland

Managing Director - eComX

Hannah Ross head shot

Hannah Ross

Managing Director - EverydayX

Nikolay Eshkenzai head shot

Nikolay Eshkenzai

Group Chief Digital Technology Officer

Daniel Swift head shot

Daniel Swift

General Manager, Strategy

Peter McNamara head shot

Peter McNamara

Chief Commercial Officer

Gillian O'Neill head shot

Gillian O'Neill

Finance Director

Anurag Verma head shot

Anurag Verma

General Manager, Strategic Portfolio and Enablement (Legal, Risk and Safety)